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Who are the Best Internet Providers in Denver for the year 2017? We Compared 23+ ISP companies and their services !

Are you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by all of the ISP? Type in “Denver Internet Providers” on Google. You will find over twenty providers to choose from. Where do you even start? Even worse, how do you know which providers to look into so that you don’t waste your time? Cable companies are notorious for overcharging customers and providing poor customer service. People need a plan suited to their specific needs that won’t cost and arm and a leg. Oh yeah—decent customer service would be great, too. Wouldn’t it be great if someone did the heavy lifting for you, and simply told you who was the best Internet provider in Denver?

Luckily for you, we did the heavy lifting. We conducted a thorough survey of the Internet companies in this city to find out which cable companies provide great options and great service for affordable price ranges. We surveyed thousands of Denver residents from over 20 cable companies. Here are the top 2 ISP in Denver that are sure to give you good value for your money in 2017!

Winners of our Test


+ Million of Happy Customers

• One of the Fastest Internet in Denver

• Available Plans Below $30

• Five-Year Price Lock

• Free Activaton + Antivirus

• 24/7 Technical Support

• 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


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• Fastest Download Speed (up to 2000Mbps)

• Fastest Upload Speed (up to 20 Mbps)

• 19
+ Million of Happy Customers

• Serves 40 Percent of All Internet Customers Nationwide

• Cheap Plans Available

• Plans Below $10 for Families with Limited Income

• Free Antivirus Norton Security

• 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


We conducted a simple survey with four questions:

  1. How happy are you on a scale from 1-10
  2. What is your main complaint with your Denver ISP?
  3. What do you like most about your service provider?
  4. Are you going to change providers after your contract is up?

  5. The most common complaint was “Cable companies are never honest about their charges. All kinds of hidden fees are attached, and the prices jump a year later.” However, the vast majority of surveyed CenturyLink and Comcast customers reported being VERY HAPPY with their pricing!

#1 CenturyLink

Why should you choose their services?


CenturyLink is known for excellence in all of its departments. A quick glance through CenturyLink’s “Awards and Accolades” sections reveals 57 global and national awards, 11 from 2016 alone! Especially impressive awards include being ranked #7 out of 100 global tech companies by Bloomberg, as well as the “Excellence in Data Center Service Award.” We are confident that CenturyLink will be a leader in the Internet industry for decades to come. None of the other Denver Internet Providers have this dedication to the science of their business.

On top of that, Century Link offers the fastest Internet speed in Denver—a whopping 1 GB! 7.5 Million happy customers can’t be wrong. Just in case you needed any more convincing, Century Link offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You truly have nothing to lose.

Century Link has also solved everyone’s universal complaint about their Internet service: Everyone wants a price that they know won’t change. Doesn’t seem like it asking too much, does it? Yet, it seems like no one can get that from his or her Denver Internet service. Everyone knows the story. Some sales rep over the phone smooth talks you into buying some bundle that seems like a terrific deal. But, six months to a year later the terrific price turns into a terrible price. The cost of the service skyrockets, sometimes doubling. Then you search for a new provider, and the process repeats itself.

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I was blown away by how positive my Century Link experience was. I’ve always hated the process of shopping around every six months after the cable company hikes your rate. Well, with Century Link I know that I will be taken care of the next five years! Couldn’t be happier.

Jessie M. (Denver Resident)



CenturyLink has done what no other companies have done: CenturyLink offers a FIVE-YEAR locked in rate. “Is it significantly more expensive than the other plans?” you might ask. No. CenturyLink will give you a five-year bundle for the price of $61.95. This is five years of security, where you know that you got the best deal around, and you won’t have to go through the pain of negotiating among the other Internet options in Denver every five years.

Even if the price lock option is not for you, CenturyLink providers it customers with a variety of options that will suit anybody’s needs. You can purchase Internet by itself, or shop a variety of packages. CenturyLink offers packages that come with 40 mbps, 100mbpbs and 1 GB speeds. These plans range from $29.95 to $79.95. Whether you are a student who needs a cheap Internet, or a work from home parent who needs a high speed plan to support his business use and three kids, CenturyLink has a good plan.

Customer Service

CenturyLink provides excellent customer service as well. The webpage provides email, phone numbers and a live-staffed interactive customer service portal. Internet technical support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will always be able to speak to a real person to get help as fast as possible. Another feature sets Century Link apart as far as customer service goes: If you are moving to a new home, you can choose a plan and have it installed before you move. Your Internet will be up and running from the first day that you move into your new residence. And added benefit for Denver residents too, is that there are three CenturyLink stores in the city. You can meet a person if you need more specific guidance with choosing a package or solving a problem.

free antivirus

Free Antivirus

The last unique perk to talk about is Century Link’s free Award winning Norton Antivirus program. Shopping for antivirus can be as stressful as shopping for an Internet Service provider. Like the Internet, there are a zillion options. It is hard to even know where to begin. Century Link takes care of you there too. With their free antivirus, you can be confident that your computer will be safe from viruses, Trojan horses, and phishing attempts. No other company provides cheap Internet in Denver in addition to antivirus.

Background of the Company

CenturyLink has been a player in the telecommunications for over 86 years. The company traces its roots to a town called Oak Ridge, Louisiana. The founder, F.E. Hogan founded the Oak Ridge Telephone Company out of his home. The company remained a family business until 1967,when the owners incorporated it, thus creating the Central Telephone Enterprises. The corporation was renamed again in 1971 as Century Telephone Enterprises. The company enhanced its reputation as top telecommunications company through the next four decades as it acquired multiple companies, expanding into data science, Internet, cable and cloud software. Century Telephone became rebranded as CenturyLink with its acquisition of Embarq in 2009. CenturyLink is currently the United States’ third largest telecommunications company. Bloomberg recently ranked CenturyLink seventh in its review of the top 100 worldwide tech companies.

As amazing as CenturyLink is, the survey was a tight race. Although CenturyLink narrowly edged out Comcast to take the crown, we felt that Comcast was so close that we had to include it in this report too. Even though Comcast is in second place, they are both winners. Read on, and you will find out why even if CenturyLink is not right for you, Comcast will provide you with an option to satisfy you.

In essence, our number one pick in the top ISP list is Century Link Company. Our selection is based on substantial and verifiable information.

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#2 Xfinity Comcast

Why should you choose them as your ISP?


Like Century Link, Comcast has dozen of awards for its advancements and innovations. None of the other ISP have been awarded so frequently. Customers can be confident that Comcast will take care of them. The company has shown its integrity by consistently by ranking amongst the top corporations in the nation for Veteran and diversity employment. Comcast is also gearing up to have the best customer service in the ISP industry (read the definition of internet service provider here). They dedicated $300,000,000 to expand their customer service department and create new customer perks.

With Comcast, you don’t have to spend a fortune just to have Internet. Plans start at $20. Or, if money is no concern, you spend a bit more and get unlimited data! And finally, accountable customer service. What other company gives their customers $20 if the technician is late? This dedication to providing excellent options and groundbreaking customer service make Comcast tie with Century Link for “Best Internet Provider.”

Comcast gave me a great plan for only $30. And true to their word—they credited me $20 because my techinican was late. Very happy with my service!

Richard S.

denver colorado


Comcast’s customers also reported off the charts satisfaction levels with their pricing and customer service. However, Comcast customers were happy with their pricing for a slightly different reason than Century Link customers. Century Link’s five- year option is a great perk. But—not everyone needs a plan that long. This is a transient time, and not everyone can guarantee that they will stay put in one place for half a decade. For those who need shorter term wireless Internet in Denver, Comcast provides amazing options. Comcast does offer a two-year price lock, which may be suitable for people with shorter -term schedules. For those who aren’t looking for a price lock, Comcast provides the most amazing variety of options among the Internet companies in Denver. Not only does Comcast provide an excellent array of packages, their customer service department is second to none. Comcast also provides unlimited data plans—something that Denver residents have been seeking for years.

Cheap Internet Plans

Comcast has an amazing variety of options to offer its customers and they provide four necessary home technology services: Home Phone, Home Security, Internet, and Cable. If you are a student who needs bare bones, Comcast has you covered. Work from home employees who need high speed Internet will find the perfect setup to support their high volume needs. Speeds range from 25mbps to 200mbps. You can test your speed on this website. Comcast’s famous Triple Play bundles are the best value for customers. Denver residents can get top quality award winning TV, Internet, Phone and Security for their homes for prices from $99 to $149.99.

Customer Service

Comcast is exceptionally easy to get in touch with as well. Many surveyed Denver residents complained that getting in touch with a live customer service rep was challenging, and that the website was difficult to use. Comcast provides customers with an easy to use online portal. You can call the 24/7 hotline, chat with a live representative, or visit one of Denver’s three Comcast stores to speak with a live representative. Comcast also provides an online forum where company employees and customers can mingle. The company offers customers a variety of billing options as well. You can conveniently pay over the phone, via check, or automatic payment for your Denver Internet service.

Comcast is piloting an innovative idea to “Uberize” their service. Customers can now download an app that will connect customers with technicians and tell the customers how long the need to wait unit the technician arrives. As icing on the cake, Comcast will credit customers’ accounts $20 if the repairperson is late. This perk blew us away. Everyone hates waiting for the cable guy. A common complaint reported in the survey was the customers of other ISPs felt like their whole day was shot if they needed a technician to stop by, due to how unreliable the arrival windows were. Not with Comcast. Not only do the provide some of the fastest Internet in Denver, they provide the fastest customer service.

A few months ago, due to Comcast's hardware issues, Denver residents have to deal with overnight outage. This can happen to each company, the question is how fast the company can solve the issue. Comcast's engineers quickly identified the issue and brough everything back to normal. This just proves the quality of their services. Read more about the story on Denverpost.

Background of the Company

Comcast and Century Link both share similar rags to riches stories, rising from humble small town roots to becoming major worldwide corporate players. Comcast started out as American Cable Systems in 1963. This bootstrapped operation served a modest 12,000 customers and offered five channels. They re-corporated themselves as the Comcast Corporation. Comcast’s big break came in 1977 when they launched HBO. They achieved greater market dominance through the next two decades as they acquired multiple competitors. Comcast became the largest cable provider in 2001 with its acquisition of AT&T Broadband. Since 2001 Comcast has maintained its market dominance, providing Internet service in Denver and throughout the world. It continually innovates and pushes the envelope for technology and customer service in the Telecommunications industry. In recent news, Comcast is collaborating with Verizon to launch a new Wi-Fi product.

Final Words

In conclusion, out of the 20+ internet providers only two are worth looking into: CenturyLink and Comcast. CenturyLink provides unmatched five- year rate lock in plans. Their long track record of winning international corporate awards shows that they won’t be slipping anytime soon. Comcast provides the best options and best prices for customers who don’t need to a five-year rate lock. Comcast’s ground breaking customer service initiative and “Uberization” of their customer experience means that Denver will have thousands of very happy customers. There truly is no competition. There are two excellent Internet service providers in Denver. Whether you are a student, work from home businessman, or head of a large family, you will find the perfect package for the right price with excellent customer service. Either way, you will have the best Internet in Denver.