27 April 2017
27 April 2017,

The Internet is used everyday by millions of people in the world and thousands of people in Denver. It has become so ingrained in our modern society that it is impossible to imagine a life without it. The Internet allows us to exchange messages with people on the other side of the world in an instant. Just exactly how is this possible? To understand, we’ll first need to understand that the Internet is simply made up of groups of computers all connected together into networks such as described here:

First, envision a simple home or office network with a few computers connected by cables to one another via a router and maybe a few WiFi devices. To allow for communication between these small, local, networks engineers decided to link them all together, making a network of small networks. This new network of networks became what we now know as the Internet. If you want, you can read some basic facts about the internet.

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History of the Internet

Originally the Internet was a very small collection of local networks, so connecting them all with long cables, just like power lines, was very straight forward. Soon, however, additional computer networks wanted to be connected from overseas. After much debate it was finally decided that the best way to do this was to run massive cables along the seabed, first connecting American and European networks. These new worldwide networks coupled with the explosive growth of home personal computer users created the foundation for the Internet we know and use today.

Since the introduction of battery powered, mobile devices there have been a few new additions to our cabled networks as well. To support new remote and mobile computers satellite connections were introduced with relative success. However, these satellite connections were very costly options that remain prohibitively expensive for your average consumer. As a result, these types of Internet connections are often reserved for corporate or government users.

Mobile Internet Connections

In answer to the need for a cheap network connection for mobile devices telecommunication companies began to develop and introduce mobile internet connections via their currently existing cellular towers. While adoption was initially tentative, this latest addition to the Internet topography has been wildly successful. Interestingly these types of Internet connections, while typically associates with wealthy smart-phone users, have become very popular in any developing countries as they are relatively inexpensive and can be easily accessed.

The Internet and the network infrastructure that it is made of is continuously growing by leaps and bounds. When the first two computers were networked together via a single cable the engineers who designed it could hardly have imagined that just a few decades later the Internet would have billions of users. The future of the Internet is bright and it will be interesting to see where new network technologies will take it.

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